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Free video editing tools for beginners

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Today, software makes video editing digital footage faster, easier and much more affordable, and puts it within reach of anyone with a personal computer. Even better, digital video editing is “nonlinear,” which means you can access the scenes you want to edit directly. This helps speed up the process, especially for a short, Internet-ready video for which you just need to trim off the ends and add a title screen or two.

How much do you need to edit your videos? It depends on what type of video you’re editing, or who your audience will be. The video to show your donors at a fundraising gala may require a professional touch, but a “guerilla” or documentary-style video—a quick and simple one designed for the Internet that forgoes high production values in favor of a spontaneous look and feel—doesn’t need to be polished and perfect . You might just add some titles or credits and trim out unnecessary bits, like when your talent forgot a line or stuttered while speaking.

All of the video editing software options we discuss come with special effects that can enhance your video. Don’t overuse them—a little goes a long way. Some effects look cheap and gimmicky and will distract the audience from your message, while others—like “dissolves,” which let you transition between clips, and fades-to-black—can be used safely with some regularity.

These are generally free or low-cost options that may already be installed on your computer. They’re good ways to get your feet wet with video editing.

SmartPixel Producer. The free trail version offers full features for free video editing. It can be widely used in tutorials video, game video and personalized karaoke video editing, it is one of the most easy to use screen capturing video editing software available for the video sharing sites. The free trial only limited to 5 minutes video editing as well as watermark in the video, the paid version starts with $12.9 annually.

Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker is a good video editing tool for people just getting started with editing, and the prevalence of Windows computers means you’re likely to already have it in-house. Movie Maker handles basic tasks well, like trimming clips and adding titles, transitions and soundtracks, but offers limited file options for exporting edited videos or converting clips and files from one format to another.

Adobe Premiere Elements. It is an affordable video editing tool for beginner-friendly editing tool. It’s a step up from Windows Movie Maker that offers more advanced functions and allows for importing and exporting many more different video file types. While users should have little trouble adjusting, Premiere Elements requires a longer learning curve than Movie Maker.

YouTube. The popular streaming video site now provides a handful of video editing features. You can add up to seven of your previously uploaded videos into a basic timeline, trim them, and add transitions, titles and other effects to create a new video. These features probably won’t be the best choice for those planning on creating a lot of videos, but are a compelling option for organizations that need to edit videos only infrequently.

While more expensive and technically demanding than the beginner video editing tools, the advanced tools also provide more powerful features and greater flexibility for experienced and power users. The article derived from Please leave your comments for more available choices.


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