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How To Record Screen Smoothly

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Screen recording also known as screen video capture or screencast, it is a new digital way to record computer screen with software. Since it creates a face-to-face communication, or hand-by-hand solution to demonstrate and share knowledge with people it gets very popular online worldwide and widely used on webcam video recording, tutorial making, game video recording and presentation in education, e-learning as well as other commercial fields.

However, many people suffers from lags during the screen recording for many reasons, for example, screen capture software asks for higher computer hardware requirements due to the rapid increase of video quality, high frame rates, visual effects as well as synchronous narration etc. Which cause the videos blunt and ambiguous. How to record screen smoothly without lag? There are some tips in this article to help you effectively solved or moderated the video lag under most circumstance.

To record the tutorial videos or game videos, select an easy to use and powerful screen recording software is the most important thing. Smartpixel software has been widely used as a webcam recording software, tutorial maker as well as video game recorder worldwide, it provides powerful video capture features with high quality. I will use it to demonstrate how to record high quality videos without lag.

Tip No. 1 Close all the irrelevant programs

The screen recording process  requires plenty system resources to run smoothly. Before you start the video recording you should close all the irrelevant programs which might slowing down your video. If there are too many processes running on your PC which will consume more CPU and RAM resourcesat the same time, that's absolutely no good for your screen recording. You can close all of them by check your system task manager and end of them.

Tip NO.2 Modify the record settings

Smartpixel software allows user to customize the resolutions, frame rates as well as the brightness of the video. Before screen capture, you should set right resolution for your computer screen. Please bear in mind the higher screen resolution you choose the more memory space it costs. For example, When you record screen video under 1080 HD with full screen, there are more pixel information will be recorded, and more memory rooms are occupied. If there has a lag, but you do not want give up the high quality, you can use area screen capture mode instead of full screen.

Tip No.3 Lower down the frame rates

The frame rate describes how frequently the program capture image for your screencast in every second. Normally, 10~15 frame rate is enough to make your video clear and smooth if you are making a tutorial video. If you are preparing to make a gameplay video or webcam video, the frame rates can be higher.

Tip No.4 Simplify the display color quality

We always prefer to set desktop screen in higher color display, do you know the more rich color the more computer resources need during screen capturing? Actually the human being is hard to distinguish between the 16bit and 32bit color but it is rather a big difference for computer. Why not lower down the screen color quality and save more resources for screen capture. All you need to do is right click the desktop screen and select properties then change your color quality from 32bit to 16 bit. If possible, change your screen refresh rate is also a great way to reduce the system resource consumption. You can set it at 60 Hertz, that's enough for screen recording and no harm to your eyes.

Tip No.5 Optimize the audio input

The audio capture is also a key section of system resource consumption, since you have to import your voice through microphones which will take up some system memory to keep it works properly. The best way, as you consider that the audio is not a must-have and can be omitted, is to disable the sound while screencasting and dub for the video alone you will find the screen recording progress is more fluently.

Tip No.6 Record multiple video clips then merge together

This is a video editor feature that mostly screen capture software not have, with Smartpixel software it can be done easily. Make full use of pause function during the recording, you can save every minute as a small video clip. After all parts are done, you can open all the video files in Smartpixel Producer and merge them together, it can also could help us to solve the lag problem.

That's the most effective 6 tips to help us record the screen smoothly, but you should bear in mind an easy to use yet powerful screen capture software might help you greatly on the screen capture process.

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Awesome! Extremely helpful! Thanks a lot! I always use acethinker free screen recorder to make screencast, works like a charm. It's a web-based application, you don't have to download or install anything. Share it here as an alternative.

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