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How to Record Minecraft Gameplay Videos for Your YouTube Channel

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Post time 2015-11-03 01:55:10 |Show all posts
There are millions of Minecraft game videos on YouTube now, it looks like all Minecraft players want to record Minecraft gameplay videos for their YouTube channels. Why do you want to record Minecraft gameplay videos for your YouTube channel? For business purpose, showing your Minecraft gameplay skills or just for communicating with Minecraft gamers for fun? When I was playing Minecraft, I would like to record all my tricks and walkthroughs on every mode and map so as to share with other gamers. If you are a Minecraft gamer and you want to make gameplay videos, I would like to show you how to record Minecraft videos for your YouTube channel.

The Minecraft PC version is the most popular version of the game. To make Minecraft PC gameplay videos, you may need a game recorder tool as well as game video editing tools. I would like to suggest SmartPixel game recorder, which is a free screen recorder and video editor  in 1 program. SmartPixel help PC gamers to easily capture, edit, upload and share HD quality gameplay videos to YouTube channels as well as other social platforms. You can download SmartPixel via and install it afterwards.

SmartPixel game recorder is very easy to use. With it, you can capture your Minecraft gameplay videos in a few steps. After you open Smartpixel, you can click “Recorder” button to enter recorder interface.

smartpixel game recorder

smartpixel game recorder

After entering the record interface, you can select a recording mode you like on the top left of the window.

recording window

recording window

SmartPixel game recorder has three recording modes: area recording mode, full screen recording mode as well as PIP mode.

Area Mode: You can only record the Minecraft video within the red box area. You can randomly adjust its range.

Full Screen Mode: You can record the video in full of your computer screen.

Picture-in-Picture Mode: This mode allows you to capture your webcam video and microphone audio simultaneously while playing Minecraft.

Usually I use full screen mode to record Minecraft gameplay videos. Sometimes I try PIP mode to show my face in front of my friends. At the bottom the the recording window, there are 4 functional buttons:

Record Button: You begin to record your video by hitting the Record Button.

Mark Button: You can mark the exciting moment by clicking the Mark Button.

Stop and Save Button  : Stopping and saving your video by hitting it.

Capture Screen Shot Button  : You can capture your screen shot by clicking this button.

At the bottom right of the recording window, you can click the record setting panel to set the game recording resolutions, framerates, brightness etc.


Once you have captured the Minecraft gameplay videos, you can switch to SmartPixel video editor to edit Minecraft gameplay videos. In the editing window, the Minecraft gameplay video is on the left of the window. You can drag it to the video editing window to edit it.

Minecraft video editing

Minecraft video editing

On the video editing timeline, you can add various video effects, text effects, subtitles, background musics to your Minecraft videos to make it more vivid. If you want to split, merge, clip your Minecraft gameplay videos, you can follow the instructions below:

How to split Minecraft gameplay videos

How to merge Minecraft gameplay videos

How to clip Minecraft gameplay videos

After that you can click upload button to upload your Minecraft gameplay video to YouTube channel as well as Facebook and Twitter directly. What if you play Minecraft Android and iOS versoin, how to record Minecraft mobile game videos and upload them to YouTube? SmartPixel game recorder has released Android Version 2.3, you can follow the instructions in SmartPixel Android forum to record and upload Minecraft Android gameplay videos to YouTube. As for iOS version, it's been on the road. Please be patient and pay your attention on SmartPixel website. Soon you will able to record Minecraft iOS gameplay videos and upload them to your YouTube channel. It is easy and fun. Have a try now.

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Post time 2016-08-01 13:11:03 |Show all posts
hello so i started using smartpixel today as a recording software but when i hop onto my minecraft game and actually start recording.. the sky turns yellow for some reason, is there a video setting that i have to change on my settings or what?

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